Family Pictures
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Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey was the beginning of my family line in the United States. I am in direct line from him, and am proud of my family heritage.


Mom, husband Dewey, family and friends

Granny: Cloie Cline Bailey (Stone) died 1/7/1976

Our Family
(Some are still living)


Mom's brothers: Clarence, Dempsey, Sampy Bailey
Mom's sister: Donnettia, Mom and their Mom
Mom at a young age
Mom's sisters: Rafthner, Mom, Donnettia



Grandpa: Mom's dad: Simon Bailey died 11/10/55

Mom and husband: Dewey
Dewey died 7/11/42

Eli Bailey & 
Hanna Lester

Granny died 1/7/1976


Simon Peter & Sighith Bertha (Lockhart) Bailey 
Simon died 6/12/1931

Old Bailey Homeplace

Cleo Duty, Simon M. BAiley, Patterson Bailey, A.V. Bailey



A.V.- Simon-Martha-Pallie Bailey

Simon Peter Bailey, Siggabertha (Lockhart) Bailey

Simon M. and A.V. Bailey


Mary - Sampy Bailey
1976 Bailey family reunion

Howard Bellamy, Edith Bailey Bellamy, A.V. Bailey, Brenda Bellamy
Rathfner (Mae) Bailey King At work at the Sandwich Shop in Welch in the early 1960's



Simon Peter Bailey died  6/12/1931
 Sigeth Lockhart Bailey

The Old Home Place
Located on Trap Fork, Panther, WV 

Masten Cline and 
Mollie Trent Cline.


Old and rare family photo's.


2007 Bailey Family Reunion (Mary 2nd row on the end)
Old Home Place of Uncle Patterson and Aunt Nancy Bailey, Panther WV


Grandma Cloie Ann Cline Bailey Stone
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Family History