In Memory of My Mother, Dorothy Marie Bailey
Born Dec. 24,1922. 
Went home to be with Jesus, July 16,2005


I've lost a lot of people in my life time.  Friends, family and the only thing that helps us is the strength the Lord gives us, when we depend on on him, but I have to say that the loss of my mother is the hardest thing I've ever gone through.  Without my faith in the Lord, and knowing that mom is well and very much alive now, it would not be bearable.

I know my life will never be the same.  Mom and I were very close. I was the youngest of the four children and I suppose you can say I took care of my mom my whole adult life.  She was such a joy.  A small petite lady, she was strong in ways we could never imagine.  Always soft spoken, and kind to every one, but often she remarked she would fight a circle saw for one of her kids, somehow I could see her doing that....

Mom loved her children very much, Dewey, Robert and Patricia.  Of course we all know the most special things in mom's life was her grand-children and great grand-children.  She often told her friends about them and with humble pride she showed them the things they gave to her.  She would remark often that they would get her anything she wanted.  I think she was a bit spoiled by that but then again, she deserved it!

 Mom loved the Lord with all her heart and served Him.  Many people were touched by the kindness and generosity of my mom's good heart.  She had many friends.

My mom was a very kind, generous, faithful person.  I know we all want to say good things about our loved ones, but there's only good things I can truly say about my mom.  Her love for flowers will always be remembered and we'll never forget the many cards with stickers we all enjoyed receiving from mom.  She made every one feel so special when they received a card.  Mom always wanted people to feel good and her way of saying I love you and I think of you, was in a card.

She worked very hard to raise her children.  She took in washing and ironing to make ends meet.  We were never hungry, we were never left alone.  She did all she could to make sure we were cared for and we knew we were loved.

My mom gave her heart to the Lord many years ago. She trusted him with all of her heart.  Her faith has been an inspiration to many people throughout the years she lived here.  She made friends easily and everyone loved her.  Though she was sick, she was never mean, ill, or short speaking with people.  She was always, as in her words, Thankful And Blessed.

In her last days she was loved and cared for.  Without our friends, Carrie and Sherria, I could have not fulfilled her wishes, to be at home, comforted by her friends and family and to be where she always wanted to be, in her own home and in her own bed. 

Mom was not one that liked doctors or hospitals and when she did have to see the doctors, the staff was so kind to her and the staff of Hospice was especially heaven sent.

I know that the Lord took special attention to the care my mom received because she was such a loving, kind person.  The Lord made sure she was treated with the same love and kindness she gave others and gave to her family.  She never saw bad in any one and always gave every one a kind word.

My mom went peacefully into the arms of her Jesus and I can't imagine the joys she is still experiencing, but one day I'll see her again, we'll be together and no more will pain, sickness or death will separate us because God has promised us a heaven.

I think of her now being young and well.  My heart rejoices to know the promises of God...   Mom never owned a home here, although she did pay on one, I'm sure that when she crossed that great divide, one of the things the Lord made sure of was that he handed her a clear title to a mansion, filled with all the things she loved.  I often wonder if there'll be some things there from QVC??  Of course you'd have to have known my mom to understand that remark.  LOL

Thank you Jesus for taking care of my mom now as you did always.  Thank you for letting us have her for 82 years, now take care of us as our hearts break daily, we look to you and we can truly say, We're Thankful And Blessed!

Mom & Mary

(Written by Mary Osborne, youngest child of Dorothy Bailey)   

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