Among Us

I shall pass through this world but once
If therefore there be any kindness I can show
Or any good thing I can do let me do it now
Let me not defer it or neglect it
For I shall not pass this way again.  Grellet

I believe there are Angels Among Us. 
Those may be the words to a beloved song, but actually it's very true.  I have some health problems, and at the time that my mother became ill, I hadn't been out of the hospital long.

I knew that all my adult life I had been given the privilege of caring for my mom.  There's not enough space here to tell of the joys and sorrows that we shared together.  However after a couple months of loss sleep and mom becoming more ill, it became evident that we needed some help.

Mom was loved like a mom by several good friends.  She was always so kind and good to everyone.  Everyone wanted my mom to be their mom too.  Of course I didn't mind sharing my mom.

Once I told Carrie after she lost her mom that I'd share my mom with her and she took me at my word.  My mom became her mom too.  That was not just words, for several months Carrie traveled from NC back "home" to help me with mom.  Without Larry being a man of God and a man of compassion, I know Carrie would not have been able to do what she did, so we add Larry and Howard and Mike to the list of the husbands who were angels too.  Once when Carrie had gone home for a rest, I had to take mom to her doctor's appointment and I knew mom wouldn't want to be alone, so I want to thank Harriett Dash for holding my mom's hand.  I'll never forget it.

Mom always said she wanted to stay at home and be in her own bed and that was what I intended to do for her, but without our angels I couldn't have fulfilled that promise to my mom.

Our friend Sherria had been another one that loved my mom like her mom.  She and mom shared a lot of special times.  Sherria helped so much with her when I was in the hospital.  She and mom shared in prayer time and also cards that mom loved to share with everyone.  We often commented on how only Sherria was the only one allowed to wash my mom's face and she did, every day and put lotion on it and my mom loved it.

There are special times we all shared with mom that none of us will ever forget, but to get back to what I was saying about angels, well God gave us one more to be with us and that was our dear Sister Ann.  She prayed for us along with Diana, daily and upheld me at the times I had so many questions about my illness, she was the answer.  She wouldn't go home the two days before mom passed away and was there when my mom got her promotion to Heaven, along with Carrie and Sherria.

Diana fixed me food and never complained.  She took care of me while I took care of mom.  She preached at our church and fulfilled her call of Co- Pastor.  Taking care of our church flock and always fulfilling her place as my best friend besides Jesus.

My church family never ceased praying for us, spending time in their prayer closets to hold us up before the Lord.  When our strength and our hearts would become low, their prayers lifted us up.

There are many ways that we serve the Lord, but I have discovered that Jesus said it best when he said, when you have done good things to the least of these, you did it unto me.  No greater proof of the Love Of God in someone, is when they come to the aid of widows, orphans, sick, and the lost.  They are showing what the Love Of Jesus really is,  loving one another.

So to quote the words of that song, Oh Yes, I believe there are angels among us, sent down to us, from somewhere up above.  They come to me and you at our darkest hours, they show us how to live, they teach us how to give, they guide us with their light of love...  They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places, to grace us with their mercy in our time of need.  Oh, I believe..  Ain't it kinda funny, how at the dark end of your road, someone always comes along with a single ray of hope.  Yes! I believe.

To say thank you is not enough, but I do say thank you Sherria, Carrie, Ann and Diana.  Joan and Delana, (hospice nurses,) all of you were our special angels on assignment, there's a special lady in heaven now, praying for you all daily.  One day we'll all see her again.  Thank you and God bless you for fulfilling the call of God in your lives.


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