A Special Day for God

Sister Bailey

I feel in my heart God had a very special day
When he called this precious lady away.
I had the privilege of holding her hand
Into my heart a wonderful love would expand.
She was one of Godís elect
On your life she had a special effect.
I remember the day, itís still fresh in my mind
Mary called and gave me a chance of a lifetime.
To help her and hear the words of a Mother
To brag on her daughter like no other.
Mary had to check her in and leave her alone
But God gave me an honor to meet her before he called her home.
She was like a fragile child laying there
But everyone at the hospital ran to her because they were filled with care.
She couldnít understand, she said in her voice so small
Why are they so loving every time I call.
I said Mrs. Bailey, they love you because of your heart
People know when they meet you from the start.
You are a precious lady and filled with the Spirit of God
A hard time youíve had and a rough road youíve trod.
Whereís my Mary she asked with concern
In her heart for her daughter she did yearn.
Mary had never left her alone for a minute unless she had to
You see "Mary" she loved you!
When Mary heard her voice, in a run she came to see.
Mommy she said, do you need me?
Mrs. Bailey just smiled and said itís okay
Iíll hold Harriettís hand today.
I knew it was a blessing from God for me to see
To hold the hand of an angel was His gift to me.

Written for Mary By:  Harriett Dash 6/18/06 ©

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