The First Time

The ride to the cemetery that day, was the longest, I thought it would never end
I was saying good bye to my closest and dearest friend.

I remember the first time I called out to you, and there was no reply.
The tears came, I just had to sit down and cry.

The first time I went to the post office to pick up the mail
And couldn't take yours to your house, I thought my heart would surely fail.

The first time I wanted to go home and couldn't make that trip up the road
Because you were gone, you'd made Heaven your abode.

The first time I went home from church and the phone didn't ring at nine
I couldn't talk to you and know you were doing fine.

The first time I picked up the phone to make a call to you
And realized you were gone, to cry was all I could do.

And I thought how lonely it would surely be
Never getting a call from you saying come on up here to see me.

The first time at the grocery store after you had died,
As I passed by all the things you loved to eat, I cried.

On Thanksgiving I sat in the empty lot where your mobile home used to be
Crying my heart out, eyes so full of tears I could hardly see.

The first snowfall after you were gone
And you weren't here with me when my dog Wooley died and I was so alone.

All those things made me realize even more
How much I'll miss walking through your door.

We  watched  fireworks on July fourth, cartoons on Christmas Day
Doing those things without you just isn't the same.

The first time I put my Christmas cards up on my door
I remembered, this time I couldn't put up yours.

And those calendars that became expected of your family and friends
I can't buy them any more, when you died that had to end.

The first daffodils I saw, the spring flowers that you loved
I know God has a flower garden, just for you up above.

I remember how you always remarked on the first day of Summer
The longest day of the year, time to work in the flower garden, no time to slumber.

Not being able to buy you cards for all your special days
The very first time I visited your grave.

The first time I saw the heart shaped stone on your grave
I remembered how much love you always gave.

The first Mother's Day without you brought me so much pain
But I know you're with Jesus and will never hurt again.

But of all the first things I've experienced in this last year
Hearing your voice brought to my eyes the most tears.

I found it in a drawer where I'd placed it so long ago
A tape of you singing praises to the Lord that you loved so.

This has been the first year of the rest of my life
It's been filled with sadness and so much strife

But as God is my witness, I'll carry on with what He has for me
Until your beautiful face in glory, again I will see.

I love you mom, and miss you so much.
There will never be another with that sweet, loving touch.

Your loving daughter, Mary.

Dorothy Bailey and daughter
Mary Osborne


By: Mary Osborne and Carrie Kinyon

Mary's thoughts put into rhyme by Carrie.

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